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Board-certified rosacea treatment at Advanced Dermatology of North Central Ohio.

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Board-Certified Rosacea Treatment at Advanced Dermatology of North Central Ohio.


Do you struggle to manage your rosacea symptoms? Our board-certified dermatologists are here to help with effective rosacea treatment in Mansfield, Ohio. 

Whether you’re suffering from stinging skin, red bumps, visible blood vessels, swollen nose, or irritated eyes, our doctors are experienced in diagnosing and treating rosacea with personalized treatment plans. 

Learn more about rosacea and schedule a consultation with one of the dermatologists at Advanced Dermatology of North Central Ohio today.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin condition characterized by chronic redness that looks similar to blushing and visible blood vessels on the face. In more severe cases, rosacea may cause small, pus-filled bumps that look like acne, rough dry skin,  swollen tender nose, dry irritated eyes,  and enlarged pores. 

Facial redness caused by rosacea may spread to other parts of the body, including the ears, chest, and back.

Rosacea FAQs

If you are interested in learning more about rosacea, including what causes this condition, how it shows up on the skin, and how we treat rosacea in Mansfield, please read our helpful FAQs section.

Currently, researchers are unsure of the exact cause of rosacea but believe it to be one or a combination of the following: 

  • Genetics – rosacea tends to run in families.  
  • Immune-system response – overactive immune system response to a certain bacterium called bacillus oleronius. 
  • H pylori –  a specific bug that causes infections of the intestine.
  • Skin mites – a certain skin mite called a demodex lives on everyone’s skin but some people, especially those with rosacea, may be more sensitive to it.

Rosacea can show up on the skin in a few different ways, depending on the severity of the skin condition. In many cases, rosacea appears as: 

  • Flushing and facial redness
  • Small, pus-filled bumps (may look similar to acne)
  • Skin that may burn or sting 
  • Visible blood vessels on the face 
  • Dry skin that may be rough, scaly, or raised 
  • Swollen, tender skin 
  • Bumpy, thickened skin 
  • Dry, irritated eyes (possible swelling) 

If these rosacea symptoms sound familiar to you, we recommend visiting a board-certified dermatologist for professional treatment. With the right treatment and management plan, you can find relief from your troublesome rosacea symptoms. 

Contact us if you’re in the Mansfield area and are in search of board-certified rosacea treatment.

There are four subtypes of rosacea. These include: 

  • Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea: Appears as redness, blushing or flushing, and visible blood vessels.
  • Papulopustular Rosacea: Characterized by redness, uncomfortable swelling, and acne-like bumps on the face. 
  • Phymatous Rosacea: Shows up as thickened skin and has a bumpy, uneven texture.
  • Ocular Rosacea: Affects the eyes, causing redness and irritation, and eyelids may be swollen. 

If you believe you have rosacea but aren’t sure which type, it is best to visit an experienced dermatologist for a professional evaluation and diagnosis. 

Without professional treatment, rosacea will not go away on its own or naturally resolve. If left untreated, the chronic skin condition will likely get worse, causing more severe symptoms. This is true even if it goes away for a period of time, as rosacea often shows up as flare-ups triggered by a combination of genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle.

At Advanced Dermatology of North Central Ohio, our board-certified dermatologists use a combination of rosacea treatments to help patients find relief. Treatment generally includes one or several of the following: 

  • Topical medication 
  • Oral antibiotics 
  • Laser treatments 
  • Lifestyle recommendations 

For more information on our rosacea treatment in Mansfield, please contact our clinic

One of our primary rosacea treatment methods includes laser therapy. Laser treatments for rosacea have been shown to reduce the visibility of blood vessels and remove thickened skin. Additionally, lasers may improve facial redness and the acne-like blemishes that rosacea often causes. 

To learn more about lasers for rosacea, contact our clinic. One of our experienced team members would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding laser treatment for rosacea.

Rosacea Photos

Are you interested in seeing what rosacea looks like? View our photo gallery below to get a visual of how rosacea shows up on the skin. 

Boy With Red Cheeks- Diathesis Or Allergy Symptoms. Redness And Peeling Of The Skin On The Face.
An Age-induced Deep Wrinkle
The Face Of A Woman With Freckles, Skin Pigmentation, And Enlarged Pores Against A Green Background.
A Close Shot Of A Human Cheek That Is Rosy From Rosacea.

Schedule Rosacea Treatment at Advanced Dermatology of North Central Ohio

If you are ready to address your rosacea and achieve clear, even-toned skin, our board-certified dermatologists are here to help. At Advanced Dermatology of North Central Ohio, our doctors are experienced in diagnosing and treating rosacea with several methods to help our patients achieve their skin goals. 

Schedule rosacea treatment in Mansfield, Ohio, today by calling us at (419) 756-1600 or by using our online contact form.

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